How to Extract (ZIP, 7z, RAR) Your Games for Emulators Aethersx2 using Zarchiver

How to Extract (ZIP, 7Z, RAR) Your Games for Emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver

Are you a gamer? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need an emulator to play PS2 games on your Android. One of the Android emulators that is often used by gamers is PPSSPP PS2. However, it turns out that the emulator has many drawbacks.

Because of that, a new emulator appeared for Android, where this emulator is better than the previous famous emulator. The emulator is AetherSX2. So, to understand it better, let’s see a full review of one of these emulators for Android! You will also explain how to extract your games for emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver here.

What’s AetherSX2 Emulator Like?

Aethersx2 emulator is just like any other Android emulator. To be able to use this emulator, your Android must have medium to high specifications. Because later what will affect the emulator is the chipset on your smartphone. Meanwhile, RAM has no effect.
The chipset you need is Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 and above. You can also use the MediaTek Helio P60 Chipset or above. But take it easy, there are several games that can use chipsets under these specifications.

Then, How to Install That Emulator?

To be able to use the Aethersx2 apk, you need to do the Aethersx2 download process first. You can download that free application on PlayStore. However, currently this application is still in the early stages of development because it has just been released.

So, if the emulator cannot be installed on your smartphone, it means that your smartphone does not yet support the minimum specifications required by the application.

If you have successfully downloaded it, then you need to install the PS2 BIOS. So, don’t rush to open AetherSX2 first after downloading it. You need to flash the BIOS first. You can easily find a BIOS download link on the internet and do the download according to the instructions on the link you chose.

After the BIOS has been installed, then the file that you have downloaded must be extracted. Actually there are many applications that can extract files in ZIP form. However, based on the recommendations of many users, Zarchiver is the most excellent application to use.

Let’s Install The ZArchiver Application First: How?

How to Extract (ZIP, 7z, RAR) Your Games for Emulators Aethersx2 using Zarchiver

Before moving on to how to extract your games for emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver, we will provide an explanation regarding how to install Zarchiver first.

Actually, what does Zarchiver mean. So, Aarchiver apk is a tool used to open files in RAR form from various download sites. This application has become famous since many games have appeared. Well, this application can help you create archives, manage files, compress files, and unpack archives.

As additional information, Zarhiver has two versions, original and pro. Actually, you can use the original Zarchiver because its features are able to help extract files. However, the pro version of Zarchiver has many excellent features which are really good at supporting file extraction.

Zarchiver pro is able to extract various types of file formats. You can also separate archives based on size using the pro version. Not only that, this pro version can also be used to edit files directly from the archive. There are also different types of safeguards for encryption as well as file management.

How to install it is also quite easy. First, you have to Zarchiver download first. You can easily find the link to download the Zarchiver on Google.

After successfully downloading, then enter your smartphone settings. If you are already logged in, you must open the security and privacy menu that is there. Then, scroll down and find the unknown sources section.
After that, please return to the File Manager section. Well, then you only need to install the Zarchiver application like any other application. After installing Zarchiver, now is the time for you to know about how to extract your games for emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver.

Here are The Steps for Extracting The Aethersx2 Emulator Game using Zarchiver

So, let’s say you have installed Zarchiver. Now the first stage of how to extract your games for emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver is to open the Zarchiver application.

  • First, look for the BIOS file of the game you want to open. Then, click the Extract Here section. Next, you will see the display of the BIOS storage file. As a suggestion, you can save the BIOS file in a new folder first to make it easier to find. So, select the BIOS file and extract it.
  • The next step is to download the game you want. You can easily find that game on the sites of the internet. The most recommended site for downloading games is You only need to enter the site and look for games in the search field. After that, many lists of the games you are looking for will appear and download the one you want.
  • After the game that you downloaded is complete, now is the time for you to extract the game on your Android. The trick is to create a special folder for the game. Then, put all the game files into the folder that you created so you can find the game easily.
  • Then, open Zarchiver and select your game earlier. Next, click the Extract Here menu. Well, you just need to wait for the extraction process to finish. Later, when it’s finished, the file from the extraction results will be an ISO format file.

Finally, We Come to The Final Stage

At this stage we will explain about importing the BIOS and adding the directory of the game you want to play. First, you have to open AetherSX2 on Android. Then, a display will appear in the form of Welcome to AetherSX2, you only need to click on the Next section that is there.

  • Next, the FAQ screen will appear. You click again on the Next section. Well, if so, you will enter the Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom and choose Fast or Unsafe Defaults so that it becomes active and don’t forget to click Next again.
  • Then, the Import BIOS screen will appear and select Import BIOS. Now, to find the BIOS file, we use Zarchiver. Select the BIOS file that was created earlier and select the file with the BIN extension from the file that you extracted earlier.
  • After that, you will return to Import BIOS. Now, you only need to select the BIOS you just added. Then, select Next. Then, you will see the Game Directories display. Just click on the (+) section on the screen. This is done to add the folder of the game you have created.
  • You have to find the folder that contains your game earlier. If so, you just click on the Use This Folder section. You will see a request for permission to access, so just click on the Allow section. If so, click Next and Finish.
  • Next, the game folder will be scanned first. The application will also look for files with the ISO extension that you created earlier. Voila! Now, you can play your game.

So, that’s how to extract your games for emulators AetherSX2 using Zarchiver. Very easy to do, right?

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