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[Download] God Hand | AetherSX2 + Best Setting | PS2 Emulator For Android

Good News! Download AestherSX2 and Play God Hand on Your Android Device. Action game lovers should play the God Hand game. It is a PlayStation 2 game developed by Clover Studio and directed by Shinji Mikami. Then, Capcom developed this game in Japan and North America in 2006.

A year later this company developed the game in PAL territories. On October 4, 2011, God Hand was re-released for PlayStation 3. Gamers can download this game as a PlayStation 2 Classic game. Check the information below before downloading the game.

Play God Hand via Android

The good news for gamers! You don’t need to have PlayStation 2 only to play God Hand. Nowadays, you can also play this game via Android. You only have to use a specific tool known as a PS2 emulator. This tool is compatible with over 90 percent of PlayStation 2 games. AetherSX2 is one of the recommended PlayStation 2 console emulators you can use.

God Hand PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #1

Download God Hand by Using AetherSX2

Indeed, you should have the AetherSX2 emulator to download God Hand and play it on your Android device. This emulator also uses a BIOS image. You can’t play the game on Android without completing this requirement. Click the link below to download the emulator APK application and all the requirements. Ensure that you complete all the requirements to get the emulator and play the game right away.

Game Info

Game Title:
God Hand
Release Date:
September 14, 2006
Image Format:
936 MB

Compatibility of AetherSX2

You need a high-end Android device since this emulator contains an extremely complex piece of hardware and powerful components. For maximum performance, your Android should be supported by a Snapdragon 845 or similar processor. It means that the processor should have 4 times larger cores, such as Cortex-A75.

God Hand PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #2

What if your device doesn’t meet this requirement? Can you download the emulator? Say you have an Android device with a Snapdragon 700 series SoC. You can download the emulator application using this device.
The problem is that the performance is so bad. For example, the device doesn’t support multi-threaded VU. You may be disappointed with the performance. Indeed, it will be uncomfortable to play PS2 games, including God Hand on a low-performance device.

In case the device doesn’t use a Snapdragon 845 processor, at least it should be supported by Mali or PowerVR GPUs, although the performance is not as good as Adreno GPUs. The slower the device, the slower the games.
Underclocking the CPU is an alternative to get the emulator and play the game. Try to set the cycle rate to a negative number. Then, set the cycle skip to a positive number. Go to System Settings to do the process. The drawback of this method is that the game may lag internally or even crash.

God Hand PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #3

Hardware Requirements for Downloading AetherSX2 Emulator

Based on the compatibility above it means that your Android device should be at least Android 5.1 + or above to launch AetherSX2 Bios. The device should also be compatible with OpenGL ES 3.1 + for better performance and a smooth downloading process.

The point is that you can play a variety of PlayStation 2 games on your Android devices. All you need is the right emulator. Download the emulator and enjoy AetherSX2 games, including God Hand.

Video Gameplay on Android

Download Links

(+) God Hand(ISO): Download
(+) APK + BIOS: AetherSX2 PS2 Emulator

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