(Game Android HD) Zombie Reaper 3 | [Shorter, Action, Offline, HD]


The Reaper Zombie Series has been downloaded for 7.7 million times.
And now Zombie Reaper 3.0 is available for download!
Add a zombie boss who has super heavy armor and crazy attacks, and you need to destroy his first helmet! Upgrade mode “kill zombies on the highway” where you can drive your super car to kill zombies on the highway!

Graphics / Sound 3.0 Top graphics on hp games, integrated weather system covering rain and snow !, Model and texture of 3D high-resolution weapons, Next deadly trigger reflects real-life performance in real life, M16, AK47, MP5 etc, including sound effects! . (driving mode) Tilt the left and right devices to destroy the zombies
PRESS on four corners of the screen to shoot Zombies.

Game Info
Game Title: Zombie Reaper 3
Tested: Android Device
Platform: Android, iOS, Mobile
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Genre: Action, Shorter
Publisher: 8Square Games
Mode: Offline
Languages: English
Image Format: APK
Size: 55 MB

Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

(APK) Zombie Reaper 3 [Shorter, Action, Offline] #AGameDroid

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