(Game Android HD) Kayle League | [Adventure, Action, Offline, HD]


Kayle is an angel in league of legends , the player plays as Kayle and hunt monsters. Kill monters to earn gold. Kill and survive. Use positioning and strategy to destroy your foes while surviving and avoiding danger.
Your skills and flexibility are decisive factors to beat monsters and bosses. The logical moving and accurate computational capabilities will help you kill enemies effective and quickly in game.

Game Info
Game Title: Kayle League
Tested: Android Device
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: 07 July, 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: AAG Studio
Mode: Offline
Languages: English
Image Format: APK
Size: 48 MB

Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

(APK) Kayle League [Adventure, Action, Offline, HD] #AGameDroid

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