(Game Android HD) Godzilla Strike Zone | [Action, Survival, Horor, FPS, 3D, Offline]


Godzilla: Strike Zone is the official video game for the movie Godzilla 2014. Unfortunately, here you do not control Godzilla but a regular soldier with a mission to save civilians.

The game begins when your paratroopers jump off the plane. Your mission is to avoid fellow soldiers and make sure you do not lead to them and land on the ground. After that, you have to infiltrate the city using a parachute while avoiding the building that fell in the face.

After reaching the ground, you can freely walk through the city, and even use machine guns. But there is no enemy to attack. Instead, you can shoot different buildings so you can arrive faster to your destination.

Godzilla: Strike Zone is an action game with not much action. In addition, this is a Godzilla game without you being able to control Godzilla, making this game less interesting to play.

Game Info
Game Title: Godzilla Strike Zone
Tested: Android Device
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date:
Genre: Action, Shooter
Mode: Offline
Languages: English
Image Format: APK
Size: 83 MB

Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

(APK) Godzilla Strike Zone [Action, Survival, Horor, FPS, Offline] #AGameDroid

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