(Game Android HD) Amazon Jungle Sniper: Survival Game | [Simulation, Shooter, Offline]


Survival is going to be tough in a Jungle environment where wild unfriendly beasts are roaming around free. Hunt them before you become prey to them. These cold blooded killer can hide in the shadows of palm leaves and attack in a stealth mode. Use your sniper shooting simulator skills to kill the cunning monsters and save yourself. Join the hunters squad to get rid of these predators. Get hold of your sniper gun to hunt the beasts. There is no shelter to hide away from the wild animals. Survive and kill to live. Inhabited by the dangerous wild carnivores, this forest is nearly inescapable.

Game Info
Game Title: Amazon Jungle Sniper: Survival Game
Tested: Android Device
Platform: Android
Release Date: June 3, 2018
Genre: Shooter, Simulation
Publisher: Splinter Entertainment
Mode: Offline
Languages: English
Image Format: XAPK
Size: 123 MB

Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

(APK) Amazon Jungle Sniper : Survival Game [Simulation, Shooter, Offline] #AGameDroid

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