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Download Bios AetherSX2 (APK + BIOS) & Best Setting for Android

The Android operating system has AetherSX2, a PS2 emulator. Playing PS2 games on an Android smartphone is simple. The game is unplayable because a BIOS image is necessary to run it. Using the homebrew app, this image needs to be exported from the console. So you can play Playstation 2 games practically and easily through your Android device using the Aether SX2 Apk.

AetherSX2 is a PlayStation 2 impersonator for the Android platform. You can play games deleted from discs on your mobile device.

A memoirs image is needed for gaming, not voluntary. This image should be ditched from the press using the homebrew app.

High- end bias are needed for better performance. He recommends at least a Snapdragon 845 original device, i.e., 4 big cores( Cortex- A75 position, 500 single- core Geekbench 5). If you have only two big cores(e.g., a Snapdragon 700 series SoC), don’t enable multithreaded VU. The result is poor performance.

Bi0s with Mali or PowerVR GPUs will run the app, but with much lower performance than Adreno GPUs.


  • System Simulation
  • Display OpenGL and Vulkan software- Upscale your game to 1080p and beyond.
  • An extensive patch for games without local supportSave status
  • Supports touch screen and Bluetooth controllers

Disclaimer: Only use AetherSX2 BIOS to play games that you own and have deleted from disk. To dump the game, use a tool like ImgBurn to create an.iso file for the disc and copy it to your device via USB.


15 MB

The AetherSX2 games app is free, contains no ads, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives International License (BY-NC-ND 4.0, tested the PS2 Android emulator extensively with a variety of games.

As a result, this emulator provides positive outcomes. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you my suggestions for installing his AetherSX2 emulator on your Android phone.

The best PS2 emulator for Android

Emulator: This app’s ability to be downloaded without having to pay a fee in order to access it like any other app is a feature that many users appreciate.

Ads: You won’t be bothered by ads while playing PS2 games. 

Make sure that using your Android device to play PS2 games is uninterrupted.

It is also asserted that using this emulator is very easy. For the best performance, we suggest using a Snapdragon 845 chipset or higher to run this app.

This program is free to use. Therefore, there is no question that this application is a worthy match for the contentious DamonPS. As an open-source program, this one is regarded as secure.
Configuration The ability to modify your controller is another fantastic feature of this app. It’s safe and comfortable to play PS2 games.

Consoles are very intricate pieces of hardware with numerous, still-powerful components. For better performance, high-end equipment is necessary.

We advise using a smartphone that is at least Snapdragon 845-compatible, i.e., 4 large cores, equivalent to Cortex-A75. If you have only two large cores (e.g., turn off multi-threaded VU on)
Snapdragon 700 series SoCs to avoid performance issues. The app will function on devices with Mali or PowerVR GPUs, but at a lower performance level than Adreno GPUs.

You can try it if you need to use the app on slower devices, but the game runs slowly, especially with heavy titles.
You can experiment with underclocking your CPU by changing the cycle rate to a negative number and the number of cycles skipped to a positive number in your system settings, but doing so will at best make the game lag internally and at worst cause it to slow down. if a crash.

Hardware specifications for the AetherSX2 emulator include Android 5.1 and OpenGL ES 3.1.

AetherSX2 Best PS2 Emulator for Android

Characteristics of AetherSX2

  • A systemView software, Vulkan, and OpenGLYour game should be scaled up to 1080p or higher.
  • Extensive patches for video games with no native support.
  • Bluetooth controller support and touchscreen capability.
  • From ISO, CHD, and CSO disk images, games can be loaded.
  • Performance of AetherSX2. Add a hash-based cache (preload to full textures).
  • When space usage exceeds 1 GB, the full hash cache is automatically disabled.
  • Additional option to change the vibration frequency.
  • Multiple engine vibrations were fixed (Android 12).
  • Instead of RX/XY by default, auto-bind to Z/RZ.
  • Fix the pending, broken ESADD assistance P.I.
  • Instructions for the VU ESUM should be revised or corrected.
  • One virtual console can be bound.Check your system settings to see if FastMem is enabled.
  • In the system settings, turn on multithreaded VU1.
  • The performance of your computer will suffer if it doesn’t have at least three “big” CPU cores.
  • Use the Vulkan viewer if your graphics card has an Adreno GPU.
  • Please take note that some games may render more accurately with OpenGL and may not with Vulkan.
  • Vulkan renderer not tested with Mali GPU.By changing the system settings for the cycle rate to a negative number and the skip cycles to a positive number, you can underclock the emulated CPU.
  • By enabling preload textures and GPU palette conversion options in the graphics settings, some games may perform better.
  • A very sluggish GS download on your mobile GPU may be the cause of your camera angle making your game lag.
  • In the graphics options, you can also turn off hardware replay, but doing so might lead to hiccups.
  • For all devices with three or more cores, I run his MTVU by default.
    In general, MTVU-enabled devices like those in the Snapdragon 700 series perform better, but they still fall short of those with four large cores.
  • Utilize the hardware viewer to manipulate transport mixes.
    Mapping improvements and 3-line filtering in the device renderer.
    Enhanced replay performance for Adreno devices using the Vulkan renderer.
  • To restrict all threads to large cores only, add the performance core affinity control mode.Add a settings/input overlay.
  • IOP instructions that might have used as an argument were fixed.
    Regarding the game’s ROM and BIOS: In order to play the game, players must have their own copy of the PS2’s BIOS and ROM.


1. Batman BeginsBatman Begins - PS2 Emulator For Android - AetherSX2 + Best Setting

2. BullyBully - PS2 Emulator For Android - AetherSX2 #2

3. God HandGod Hand PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #2

4. Burnout 3 TakedownBurnout 3 Takedown PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #3

AetherSX2 Best Settings 60 FPS

AetherSX2 Best Settings 60 FPS

The system will use Vulkan as GPU Renderer. To get more HD graphics, the upscale multiplier should be set to 1x narrative. The filtering for texture is set bilinear (PS2). (Note: if you experience lag while playing games, try changing the graphics settings “Upscale Multiplier to 0.5x Native” )

  • GPU Renderer: Vulkan
  • Upscale Multiplier: 0.5x or 1x Narative (More For HD Graphic)
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear (PS2)
  • Mipmapping: Disabled (Default)
  • Trilinear Filtering: Disabled (Default)
  • Dithering: Upscaled (Default)
  • Interlacing: Automatic

AetherSX2 Download Archive

(+) AetherSX2: Download

(+) AetherSX2 Pro: Download

(+) AetherSX2 (New Version): Download

AetherSX2 Bios

(+) AetherSX2 Bios (stable): Download

(+) ALL PS2 Bios: Download

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