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AetherSX2 is a PS2 console emulator for the Android platform. You can play PS2 games easily using an android smartphone. AetherSX2 can run more than 90% of PS2 playable games.  So, with the Aether SX2 Apk application, you can easily play Playstation 2 games through Android devices practically and easily.


Aug 26, 2022
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Aether SX2 APK Best PS2 Emulator for Android

  1. Free Emulator – A feature that many people might like is that this application can be downloaded for free without paying to be able to access the application like other applications.
  2. No Ads – You also won’t be bothered by the ads that pop up when playing PS2 games. So that the PS2 playing experience on your Android will not be disturbed.
  3. Light – This emulator is also claimed to be very light to use. Although to run this application it is recommended to have a Snapdragon 845 chipset and above for maximum performance.
  4. Open Source – This application is open source. So there is no doubt in this application as befits the controversial DamonPS. This application is considered safe because it is open source.
  5. Controller Configuration – Another excellent feature of this app is you can customize your controller. So you can play PS2 games safely and comfortably.

Aether SX2 Compatibility

The console is an extremely complex piece of hardware, with many very powerful components, even for today. You need a high end device to achieve good performance.

We recommend at least a Snapdragon 845-equivalent device. This means 4 large cores (Cortex-A75 level). If you only have two big cores (e.g. Snapdragon 700 series SoCs, you should not enable multi-threaded VU, and performance will suffer as a result). Devices with Mali or PowerVR GPUs will run the app, but performance will be lower than Adreno GPUs.

If you want to use the app on a slower device, you can try it, but games will run slow, especially heavier titles. You can try underclocking the CPU by setting the cycle rate to a negative number, and the cycle skip to a positive number in System settings, but this will cause games to lag internally at best, or crash at worst.

Hardware Request for AetherSX2 Emulator :
* Android 5.1 +
* OpenGL ES 3.1 +

Aether SX2 Features

  • System simulation
  • OpenGL, Vulkan and Software rendering
  • Upscaling of games to 1080p and beyond
  • Widescreen patches for games without native support
  • Save states
  • Touchscreen and bluetooth controller support
  • Games can be loaded from iso/chd/cso disc images
  • Per game settings


  • * Add experimental hash based texture cache (Texture Preloading -> Full).
    * Fix vibration with more than one motor (Android 12+).
    * Support binding a single virtual controller.
    * Default automatic binding to Z/RZ instead of RX/XY.
    * Fix ESADD instruction corrupting pending P (MK: Shaolin Monks).
    * Rewrite/fix VU ESUM instruction (Mega Man X7 shadows).
    * Add vibration frequency throttle option.
    * Fix deleting >1 slot in save state manager.
    * Auto-disable full hash cache when it exceeds 1GB usage.

Improve performance For Aether SX2

  • Make sure fastmem is enabled in System settings.
  • Enable Multi-Threaded VU1 in System settings. This will cause lower performance if your device does not have at least three “big” CPU cores.
  • Use the Vulkan renderer if you have an Adreno GPU. Note that some games will perform better with OpenGL, and may not render correctly with Vulkan. Mali GPUs are not tested with the Vulkan renderer.
  • Underclock the emulated CPU by setting the cycle rate to a negative number, and cycle skip to a positive number in System settings.
  • For some games, enabling the Preload Textures and GPU Palette conversion options in Graphics settings can improve performance.
  • If the game slows down depending on the camera angle, this may be due to GS downloads, which are very slow on mobile GPUs. You can try disabling hardware readbacks in Graphics options, but this may create some glitches in effects.

About Game ROMs and BIOS : Requires players to bring their own PS2 BIOS image and game ROM image to run the game.Due to legal restrictions, we will not provide any game ROM and BIOS image to players.DamonPS2 emulator can only run PS2 game ROM.

Special statement: Trademark and intellectual property and gaming entities such as Game ROM, PS2 BIOS, Playstation2, PS2, PSP, PPSSPP etc, belong to Sony and other game manufacturers. The software does not integrate PPSSPP, so it can not run PSP game.

Screenshot on Android

AetherSX2 Best PS2 Emulator for Android

Batman Begins PS2 Gameplay HD (AetherSX2)

Batman Begins - PS2 Emulator For Android - AetherSX2 + Best Setting

Bully PS2 Gameplay HD (AetherSX2)

Bully - PS2 Emulator For Android - AetherSX2 #2

God Hand PS2 Gameplay HD (AetherSX2)

God Hand PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #2

Burnout 3: Takedown PS2 Gameplay HD (AetherSX2)

Burnout 3 Takedown PS2 Emulator For Android AetherSX2 #3

AetherSX2 Video Review Android

Download Links

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AetherSX2 BIOS

(+) AetherSX2 Bios (stable): Download

(+) ALL PS2 Bios: Download

AetherSX2 Pro Latest Version

(+) AetherSX2 (New Version): Download

AetherSX2 Best Settings

(+) AetherSX2 Settings 60 FPS For All Games On Android

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